An Hour for 5 Miles

Mishell serves her community as a social service worker, volunteers at her church, and is a mother to a 3-week-old newborn and a 2-year-old.  But her transportation issues have been a huge burden on her life. To get to work, which is only 5 miles from her home, she must take the bus. The ride takes an hour and often the bus is late, which is a huge issue for Mishell because this can sometimes make her late to work. She just started a new job and is worried that she might lose it due to the unpredictability of the buses. Mishell has no control over her job security without reliable transportation. Additionally, it is difficult to get to the grocery store without assistance from friends or family. She has had to resort to ordering takeout often, which can get expensive. Without a car, she has not been able to take her children to see their father who is currently in jail. Mishell would like them to still have a relationship with their father. 
With this car award, Mishell will have a reliable mode of transportation.  She will no longer have to worry about being late to work and possibly losing her job. In fact, she plans on getting a second job with all of the extra time she will now have. Mishell will be able to take her children to daycare without any help, as well as get groceries and go to the doctor all on her own. Also, she is looking forward to being even more involved with the church community.