CAC Graduate is Headed Straight to the Top

John Adams, a 34 year old Baltimore Native, graduated from Vehicles for Change’s Center for Automotive Careers (CAC) on Friday March 7, 2014.

Prior to joining this program, Adams had not had an easy life. “Rough, struggling, trying to make it in society.” This is how Adams describes his life before coming to VFC. Adams was incarcerated for 13 and a half years. After being released from prison, he learned about the training center from Mr. Gerald Grimes at the Re-entry Center in Mondawmin Mall.

Grimes told him it would be a wonderful experience and Adams came to Vehicles for Change for “The opportunity to learn a new trade and learn something new to start my own business.”

Phil Homes, the director of the CAC, has only wonderful things to say about Adams: “He gets it! He graduates from the program today. The question now is “how do I get where I want to go? Who can help me along the way?” That’s where John is right now. He’s a very very good person”.

Adams is ready to start the rest of his life with the help of the CAC. He knows that this program has prepared him and will also continue to help him with his future. Adams states, “I met a lot of people here, I learned a lot. I met new associates that will help me succeed and help me build my empire. Like Mr.Phil. I tip my hat to him.”

Where does Adams want to go from here? With no hesitation in his voice: “To the top!” Adams would like to open his own car detailing business. Adams also provides advice for people who may be struggling: “Take it one day at a time. That’s all you can do and just try to survive and succeed in this society”.

Congratulations to John Adams and the rest of the training center graduates!