HOW to Donate a Car to a FAMILY in NEED

Many organizations accept vehicle donations. Through public auctions, the charity converts the car into cash, and the donor is granted a tax deduction equal to the bid price of the vehicle.But what if that car could be given to a local person in need of help? What if your car could be instrumental in getting a family out of poverty?

And … what if donating a car to someone in need not only directly serves others, but can result in a considerably LARGER tax donation credit for the donor?

Vehicles for Change can accomplish both tasks

For residents of Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington D.C. area, there is a charity designed to help eligible families acquire donated cars. Vehicles for Change has a car award program with a mission of improving the lives of low-income residents in the region.

Vehicles for Change provides low-income families with reliable vehicles. Vehicles not only empower individuals, they open the door for economic growth, autonomy, and social betterment.

Since the charity’s founding, more than 4,700 cars have been awarded to low-income families, improving the lives of more than 15,000 people.

How the Car Award Program works

Pre-qualified individuals are awarded a car that has been repaired and inspected by Vehicles for Change. A car provides better opportunities for employment and the ability to commute at will.

In addition to increased income, families have shorter commute times, better access to health care, and opportunities to engage in more enriching social activities.

How to donate a car to the program

Ever wondered how to donate a car to help a low-income family? Charities with car donation programs span the country, but not all charities use cars to help families in need. To find a charity with that specific mission, you should contact Vehicles for Change. If we can’t help you, we can point you towards someone who can.

Normally, all it takes is a phone call or filling out an online form to get the process going. After filing out the appropriate donation forms, a vehicle pickup is scheduled and the vehicle is towed away. In some cases, a charity may allow vehicles to be driven and dropped off.

How Donating a Car Helps the Donor

Low-income families benefit greatly from a donated vehicle, but there are benefits for the donor as well. Selling older cars can be a hassle, and many buyers try to haggle down a car’s fair market value. Donating a car eliminates the pain of selling, supports a good cause, and gets rid of an unwanted car quickly and easily.

If you are want to know how to donate a car for tax deductions, it is important to realize not all non-profit charities are tax deductible charities. You must donate to a 501 (c) (3) charity to claim the donation as a tax deduction. It is important to keep all IRS forms related to the donation and be mindful of IRS donation limits.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for information. Our staff is always eager to help with a car donation. It truly is a win-win situation.