Your Unused Car Can Help Someone Escape Poverty

What do do with that extra car? It’s taking up space in the garage or on the property; you hate to see it going to waste, and you suspect it would be better to get rid of it than to let it sit.

Have you considered donating that car to charity? Not only would you benefit a deserving person in the community and maybe even be instrumental in helping a family escape poverty, but you could get a better return in tax benefits than you could realize by selling the vehicle.

Who benefits if I donate my car?

By making a car donation to a trusted and effective charity like Vehicles for Change, which awards donated cars to low-income families, you are helping a family in need.

The recipient of your donated car will now have opportunities only afforded to those with independent means of transportation, such as greater job mobility. Children who rely on the school bus are unable to get rides home from after normal hours, meaning they are unable to stay for sports practice, clubs, or other extracurricular activities.

Donating your car can provide a family with the means to escape poverty and experience a better life.

Furthermore, your donation will support the charity you donate to, allowing them to grow and reach out to more people. Every donation they receive will increase their ability to get more donations, and will therefore increase their effectiveness in the community.

When you donate your car, you are not only helping the recipient family, but every family who is helped and supported by the car donation charity.

What do I get if I donate my car?

Apart from the sense of satisfaction you get from helping the members of your community, you can receive a tax break from the IRS for your car donation. This amount will be decided by a couple factors: the value of the car and the way in which the car donation charity uses it. In addition to a tax deduction, donating your car is a quick and easy way of disposing of it, without the time and effort of selling it.

How do I donate my car?

Before making any final decisions about donating a car, do your research and find out which charity you wish to support. You should choose a reputable, tax exempt charity recognized by the IRS with a history of doing good in your community. You should also choose a charity that uses your car in a method you believe is most effective. Some charities sell donated cars to the highest bidder and use the money to help alleviate poverty, while others repair the cars and sell them at a reduced price to those in the greatest need of personal transportation.

Where should I donate my car?

Vehicles for Change is a reputable car donation facility operating throughout the Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia areas. We are often able to gift a deserving family with your automobile donation. To learn more about Vehicles for Change, see our Contact page. We can help you decide which path is best for you … and for others.