Vehicles for Change Makes the World a Better Place – With YOUR Donated Cars for CHARITY

Donor Image-01.pngIf you have a car you no longer need, consider donating it to Vehicles for Change. With the help of people like you, Vehicles for Change improves the lives of thousands of low-income families. You could make a positive impact on your community today by choosing to donate your car.

Cars for Charity: VFC'S Mission

Not all cars donated to Vehicles for Change are sold for money, as with some charities that accept cars. While money is important for running a charity, cars themselves provide great value in other ways; they can be a tremendous resource for helping a low-income family break out of the poverty cycle.

Many lower-income families live in areas where public transit isn't reliable. Sometimes, it isn't available at all. This severely limits employment opportunities. With no way to reach good jobs, families have no way of accessing better opportunities with better pay. There are many whose lives would be changed by owning a car, and this is Vehicles for Change's focus.

Since 1999, Vehicles for Change has given cars to 5,000 low-income families. Within the first year of owning their new vehicles, 75% of the recipients increased their annual monetary earnings by $7,000.

How You Help by Donating Cars for Charity

Vehicles for Change receives 99% of its cars from the public. Potential recipients of vehicles are referred to Vehicles for Change by various social service agencies. The families then pay for the cars (which are brought up to working order by Vehicles for Change) at low prices, usually under $1,000.

By donating your car to charity, you make a short and long-term improvement on the lives of others in your community. Families struggling financially are given a real chance when they receive a car. What's more, they buy the car themselves and do their own work to help themselves out of poverty. In this way, Vehicles for Change uses carsto help people in need while maintaining their sense of independence.

Who Needs Cars for Charity?

Vehicles for Change focuses on lower-income families as the recipients of their cars. VFC sees these individuals as the people who need affordable cars the most. Often, people are born in a location and financial situation that is hard to break out of. With a lack of public transportation being a big problem across the country, employment opportunities are scarce for many. Cars are expensive. Gas and insurance are pricey in themselves. Typically, a family can afford these payments because they come incrementally. However, the initial cost of buying a car is too much for most lower-income families.

The Process to Donate Cars for Charity

When you decide to donate your car to charity, the process is easier than you might think. First, visit Vehicle for Change's website, and fill out the donation form. You must enter your name and some personal information. Then, you need to give information about the car you want to donate. This includes make, model, year, VIN, a short description of the car, and its general condition. You then indicate the location of the vehicle. Whether the vehicle runs or not, Vehicles for Change will pick it up for you. The process is simple, and the form can be completed in minutes.

Tax Benefits of Donating Cars for Charity recipient image-01.png

The process of donating a car is simple. There are some extra steps, however, if you want to receive tax benefits. The guidelines for tax breaks around donating cars have changed in recent years; luckily, you still stand to receive a significant tax deduction. Depending on the condition and type of car and your financial situation, the federal and state benefits of donating your car vary. Research online to determine the potential tax incentives you stand to receive. Regardless of what benefits you expect, however, the first step is always the same: estimating the value of your car.

Determining the Value of Your Cars for Charity

There are guides available for this purpose, so estimating the value of your used car is easy. Many people donating cars use the Kelley Blue Book. You must know the make, model, year, and general condition of your car. The car's value is primarily determined by how well it runs. If you're having trouble, there are many places to look for help in estimating the value of your car.

Cars for Charity: Are You Eligible?

So, you've decided you want to donate your car. Vehicles for Change is the charity of choice for helping lower-income families, the people in your community who need cars the most. However, how do you know if you're eligible? Perhaps you have a car that's not in the prime of its life or does not run at all.

Fortunately, Vehicles for Change rarely turns away a vehicle. The organization performs necessary repairs the cars they intend to use. However, cars that don't run are also accepted. With proper service, all cars awarded to families from Vehicles for Change are guaranteed to run for at least two years. Many cars run for longer.

Any car is eligible to be donated to Vehicles for Change. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact Vehicles for change about donating cars to charity.

Cars for Charity: A Better World

Making a change in this world can seem overwhelming; everywhere you look, it seems there are people who need help. Vehicles for Change is about starting in your own community. When you donate a car to Vehicles for Change, you can know you're making a concrete improvement in the lives of a family around you in need. 75% of Vehicles for Change car recipients got better jobs or increased their earnings and missed significantly fewer days of work. This is how people get out of poverty.

If you have a car you no longer need, consider the needs of others. Your car could change lives. For more about donating your cars to charity, contact Vehicles for Change.