Maryland/DC/Virginia Region - Vehicles for Change

Vehicles for Change headquarters are based outside of Baltimore, MD. From this location, we have been serving the Maryland/Virginia region for more than 15 years. Since 1999, we have awarded cars to more than 6,200 low-income families, changing the lives of more than 22,000 people in this region.

The majority of car donations are from the public; we appreciate and accept donations of all kinds. Donated cars are repaired to meet our quality standards and awarded to eligible families. Due to our car award program & used car lot, we are able to provide donors with the best possible tax deduction.

The core of VFC is our car donation & car award program. From our headquarters, we also operate:

  • Freedom Wheels, a retail used-car lot that is open to the public. Donated vehicles (such as luxury models) that are not suitable to be awarded to a family are repaired and sold through this used car lot. These car sales help us fund our operations. View Freedom Wheel’s inventory.
  • The Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center - a training program with two components: auto detailing and automotive repair. Donated cars are detailed by our own CAC students before they are awarded to families or sold. Community members are also invited to bring their cars to have them repaired by fully-trained technicians. Learn more about getting your car repaired HERE.

Contact Us: 410-242-9674