SuperHero Movement

In today's society, we are bombarded by stories of sadness and negativity. Vehicles for Change hopes that this movement will spread positivity in our world and celebrate the every day heroes in our lives. We invite you to be part of the Vehicles for Change Superhero Movement.

 Step 1 – Grab a camera or your phone and start recording! Let the world know:

  • Who your superheroes are & why
  • Mention if you are donating to VFC
  • Challenge others to be part of the movement!

 Step 2 – Upload your video to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #PutYourCapeOn or #VFCSuperHero or #VFCSuperHeroShoutout. Tag anyone challenged!

 Step 3 – Change a family’s life by giving a monetary gift to Vehicles for Change! 

Put your cape on and donate now by clicking HERE

VFC Hero Final-01 (1).png