Nonprofit Partners at Vehicles for Change

Our nonprofit partners

Select schools and charities are boosting vehicle donations to Vehicles for Change while raising thousands of dollars for their own causes—a true win-win.  VFC’s special partnerships with the following organizations play a vital role in our program, allowing us to assist more low-income families.

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Become a nonprofit partner

Raise funds for your cause by starting a car donation program. Vehicles for Change makes it easy.

Charities throughout the Maryland and Virginia region are raising thousands of dollars with car donations. Team up with Vehicles for Change and your school or organization can do it too. The process is easy and at no cost to your organization.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You spread the word to your supporters (members, alumni, parents, etc.).
  2. When someone has a car to donate, they contact Vehicles for Change and mention your organization.
  3. VFC handles all of the work. Our responsibilities include:
    • Responding to donor inquiries.
    • Towing vehicles at no cost to donors
    • Selling the vehicle and completing the paperwork
    • Issuing reports and checks to your organization
    • Thanking your group in person at a check presentation or other event (if desired)
  4. Your cause receives 40 percent of the net proceeds from the sale of vehicles donated to VFC by your supporters.

How much can you raise?

Based on past sales, 50 car donations could mean $16,000 for your organization. Read how Girl Scouts of Central Maryland raised $3,200 with just one car donation. See our list of nonprofit partners.

Partner qualifications:

  • 501(c)(3) status
  • Located in Maryland, Virginia or District of Columbia
  • Commitment to educating your supporters about the partnership and reminding them quarterly.

Become a partner today. Contact our marketing department at

Other ways your organization can help Vehicles for Change:

  • Tell your community about VFC’s need for car donations through your newsletter or website.
  • Make VFC the beneficiary of a raffle, golf tournament or other activity.
  • Invite us to have our information table at an event.
  • Ask us to speak to your group.
  • We’ll provide VFC flyers for you to distribute to your group or community.