For many families, car ownership impacts more than their finances. With a car, parents are able to take their children to school, daycare and doctor’s appointments. Their children have the opportunity to participate in tutoring, athletics and after-school events – all activities that are difficult to reach without a car. A 2011 survey of VFC recipients, who had their car for at least 12 months, revealed:

  • 100 percent are taking their children to after-school activities
  • 87 percent are taking their children to athletic activities
  • 81 percent are taking their children to art- and music-related opportunities
  • 75 percent are taking their children to daycare

Car ownership also helps families take better care of their health. Without a car, many families are unable to access primary care physicians or urgent care centers, so they rely on emergency medical transportation and emergency rooms for simple illnesses. Routine procedures such as check-ups and immunizations are more attainable when families own a vehicle.

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