Research on Donating Cars

The relationship between transportation and low-income families is of interest to policy makers, public transit leadership, and employment experts. Several organizations have conducted studies that examine the impact transportation has on low-income families:

The Long Journey to Work: A Federal Transportation Policy for Working Families

The Brookings Institute (July 2003)

Introduction: This brief provides practical policy options, including automobile access programs, improved fixed-route transit services and expanded paratransit and other door-to-door services. 

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Missed Opportunity: Transit and Jobs in Metropolitan America

The Brookings Institute (May 2011)

Introduction: This report provides background on factors that influence the reach and efficiency of transit in metropolitan areas. The report assesses the regional and local factors that relate to how well transit serves metropolitan populations and connects them to employment. The report concludes with implications for policymakers, employers, and workers.

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Getting Around When You're Just Getting By: The Travel Behavior and Transportation Expenditures of Low-Income Adults

The Mineta Transportation Institute (January 2011)

Introduction: This study examines how rising transportation costs impact low-income families. The interviews examine four general areas of interest: travel behavior and transportation spending patterns; the costs and benefits of alternative modes of travel; cost management strategies; and opinions about the effect of changing transportation prices on travel behavior.

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