A Real Life-Changer

Angela is a native New Yorker who has recently moved to East Baltimore with her two-year-old son and her four-year-old daughter. Without a car of her own, Angela had to rely solely on Baltimore’s public transportation, often having to take two or more buses to get to work each day. She always worried about them arriving on time, if they ever arrived at all. Her entire commute took at least an hour, whereas it would take only 15 minutes by car. Every day, Angela had to walk her daughter to her school’s bus stop, then walk with her son for a mile just to take him to school.

Now, after receiving her low-cost car from Vehicles for Change, Angela can finally devote her time equally to both her children and her job. Additionally, having a vehicle of her own allows her to search for better employment opportunities further away from her home. She also plans on taking a family trip to the beach this summer, since it has been over a year since they last had a family vacation. When asked if she could say one thing to the individual who donated her vehicle, Angela explained, “I just want to say thank you. Your donation has changed my life – literally!”