Donate a Car

Want to help families in need secure a better future? Looking to maximize the tax advantage of your vehicle donation? At Vehicles for Change (VFC), you can do both. Our affordable car ownership program derives the greatest value from donated vehicles for eligible families while maximizing tax deduction for donors.

Give Families the Keys to a Brighter Future

Vehicles for Change makes car ownership possible for families in Maryland and Northern Virginia through vehicle donations from people like you. Eligible families can purchase reasonably priced, well-maintained vehicles that will assist them with their transportation needs. 

The VFC Tax

VFC offers donors a much greater tax advantage than most vehicle donation programs. 99% of charities in the United States use donated vehicles for revenue only. These vehicles are then sent straight to auction.

VFC does things differently. We repair and refurbish donated vehicles as the core strategy of our non-profit organization. Many donors can claim the full fair market value of their cars as their deduction if the car is given to a family.

Prepare for Vehicle Pickup

It only takes three simple steps!