Donation Checklist

Use this checklist to prepare for your vehicle pick up:

  • Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle. Items frequently left in vehicles include: garage dooropener, EZ pass, CDs from CD player
  • Prepare the vehicle’s title for donation:
    • Sign and print your name on the title as the seller, exactly as your name appears on the title. If two people are listed on the title, both need to print their names and sign.
    • View a sample Maryland title
    • View a sample Virginia title
    • List Vehicles for Change as the buyer on the title.
    • Please note: Fill in only the buyer and seller fields. The Department of Motor Vehicles is very strict about titles. They will not accept titles that contain errors or have information scratched out.
    • Copy or scan both sides of the signed title for your records.
  • If needed, obtain the vehicle’s lien release. A lien release is needed if there was financing involved in the donor’s purchase of the car. Due to title transfer regulations, VFC needs both the title and the lien release of these vehicles before we can take ownership of the car.
  • Remove license tags, and return them to the Department of Motor Vehicles before canceling the insurance.