A Word From A VFC Donor: Lynne Haslbeck

Vehicles for Change donations coordinator sits down for an interview with donor Lynne Haslbeck:

You just donated a 1995 Chevrolet Geo Prizm to VFC, but it’s not the first car you’ve donated to our program, correct?
Yes, we donated another car [in August 2012], a 1993 Honda Accord.

How long have you had your car?
We had the Geo Prizm since the fall of 1994, so 18 years. And we have had the ’93 Honda for 8 years.

What’s one of your favorite memories from these cars?
The ’93 Honda was given to my son by his grandmother. But the Geo Prizm has been a reliable car since we purchased it. It was dubbed the “G” and was also call the “legend.” The boys learned to drive a manual on this car. My daughter tried, but decided against a manual transmission! The boys also taught their friends to drive manual transmission on our car. Yes, we have replaced the clutch! The car followed my oldest to JMU and buzzed around campus to and from class and work and parties!  When he graduated from college and from the G, we used the car as an extra vehicle and would loan it to friends in need when their cars were out of commission.

The G always started, no matter the weather. This past winter, it stayed aside our house for 10 months and we went out in the spring, turned the key and lo and behold, it started.  

The morning the tow truck driver came for it, we were dismayed that it did not start. Someone had left the lights on and we had to jump start it.  

When he drove it away, we had a moment of sadness – lots of memories with children and friends.  

Why did you choose to donate your car to VFC?
We hope that our donation helps people who are trying to live their lives in their own quiet dignity and in their own way. My husband and I began our life after college with not much income and we always managed. I pray that others can do the same.