Car Donations: The Big Picture

You’ve heard us speak before about the impact a car donation can have on one family: individuals who previously had a 2 to 3 hour commute – each way – on public transportation are able to significantly reduce their commute with a car. For parents, this means they are able to spend more time with their children; take their children to school, daycare, and doctor’s appointments; and run every day errands, such as grocery shopping, with ease. You’ve probably also heard us say that 75% of our recipients are able to secure a better-paying job or earn a raise after purchasing a VFC vehicle, and that these recipients are able to increase their income by an average of $7,000 a year. But are you aware of the impact that car donations can have on our state’s resources, as well as on the economy? Consider this: in Maryland, it costs approximately $9,000 for the state to provide for a low-income family. This low-income family is the typical purchaser of a Vehicles For Change car. Our average recipient is a single mother with two children, who earns approximately $18,000 a year. After purchasing a car from VFC, this family is able to increase their salary and will no longer need to be supported by the state. And the extra income they earn? It’s being spent, helping to stimulate the economy. For 2012, we have set the ambitious goal of providing 500 vehicles to worthy families. When we accomplish this, we will have helped save the state of Maryland $3,375,000 in family support. In addition, we will have helped pump $2,625,000 into the economy. We can’t think of a better goal to have for 2012. Can you?