Carpooling with Coworkers

Leslie never knows where his ride to work will come from. He either borrows his son’s car, takes the metro, or carpools with friends. Relying on other people is difficult for him and the metro can be expensive. Leslie has five children, ages 12, 13, 14, 21, and 22. His daughter is only able to participate in cheerleading after school, because a classmate’s parent gives her a ride home. Leslie’s children would like to be involved in more after school programs, but their transportation issues prevent them from doing so. His son’s car is not always available when Leslie’s other children need to go to the doctor.
This car award will greatly improve Leslie and his family’s life. He plans on showing up early to work and impressing his boss, which will lead to a raise. He is excited for his future and hopes to better his career and earning potential. Leslie wants this car award to improve as many lives as possible. He will carpool with his coworkers and assist his friends with transportation. The first family trip he will take with his car is to Ocean City. And as big Dallas Cowboys fan, he is excited to decorate his car with Cowboys merchandise.