Choosing a Vehicle Donation Program

Some vehicle donation programs offer services by auctioning off donated cars for significant sums of money. There is a wide variety of non-profits who depend on this kind of contribution, and each of these organizations does important work to reach community members in need. Usually these charity organizations serve a multitude of purposes, helping communities by providing a wide range of services. Some charities are specifically car donation charities, collecting cars for the express purpose of repairing them and providing low-cost vehicles to at-risk families in the area.

Car donation charities such as Vehicles for Change, that use donated cars to make an impact locally are less common than vehicle donation programs that culminate in auctions.  When a car is donated to one of these charities, it must be in good condition in order to be awarded to a family. It can be damaged, but it must be of a certain condition for the charity to repair it and award it.If the charity can award the donated car to a low-income family, they  will repair it to a high standard of quality and then sell it to those in need for a greatly reduced price. For example, a car worth several thousand dollars may be offered for as low as five hundred dollars. This enables impoverished families to have a car while also providing the funds necessary for the charity to fix other cars.

These vehicle donation programs provide needy families with the one thing that they most desperately need to escape from poverty: mobility. Access to more and better job opportunities, the ability to travel without having to rely on public transport, and the flexibility to run errands and buy groceries without having to carve out specific times of the day are all huge benefits for families in poverty.

Many parents are tied to jobs because of their proximity and the limitations of public transport, and are unable to search for new jobs because of their transportation limits. Owning a car allows them time and the freedom of independent transportation, which can open doors to a host of new opportunities.

Another benefit is for the children in these families. With a family car, the children can participate in afterschool activities like sports and academic clubs, both of which could lead to better college opportunities and a way out of poverty.

Some children of recipient families have earned college scholarships for athletics, a feat which would have been impossible if they had not had a car. Other children have been able to lead more healthy lives, as their parents have been able to take them to doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, and more. People with cars take the idea of independent transportation so much for granted that they easily forget the benefits having a car provides.

A good vehicle donation program, in addition to providing transportation for needy families, should also provide benefits to the donors. This includes tax breaks for donated cars. A donor should select a charity that is recognized by the IRS as tax exempt and offers donors the best chance at high tax deductions. For more information about choosing car donation charities, contact Vehicles for Change today.