Chris’s Transformation

Chris’s Background

Christopher Nelson graduated from the advanced automotive training program at Vehicles for Change in 2017. Chris first served a 12-year sentence with armed robbery and murder. Two years after his release, he was incarcerated for drug possession and served another six years. During his six-year sentence for drug possession, Chris enrolled in the program while on work release.

Chris’s Career Success

Chris was a top-tier intern and earned nine entry-level Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications. He displayed focus, high performance on the floor, and natural leadership abilities. After successfully completing training, Chris interviewed with Heritage Honda of Belair, his employer for the past four years. His current job is the only one he has ever had, legally. His supervisor shared that Chris is a pleasure to work with and is one of the best employees she has ever had.

In addition to his full-time employment, Chris runs a lucrative used car business. He has also created a successful repair network of technicians with other Full Circle graduates.

Chris’s Dedication

Chris spends his days off in our garage mentoring our current interns. He provides gas money to interns who travel far and give sound advice to everyone. If he’s not helping current interns, he may be found in a service bay troubleshooting complicated repairs with our instructors. Before COVID, Chris often went into some of the roughest areas in Baltimore City to find interns who stopped showing up and communicating.

Chris, successful and committed to the program, was the first intern to receive the distinguished honor of our Graduate of the Year.

His work ethic is unmatched, but family is his top priority. Currently residing in Belle Camp, Maryland, he shares six children and ten grandchildren with his childhood sweetheart and wife of 19 years.

One of his favorite pastimes, besides purchasing new cars, is being on grandpa duty. Greatly influenced by the dedication of his parents to turn his life around, Chris he often shares his favorite life antidote with current interns, “Anything is possible if you put effort into it.”