Do You Have a Broken-Down Car? Donate It to Vehicles for Change!

Some may wonder if a charity would want the rusted and broken-down car that has been sitting in their driveways or at a local repair shop. From Vehicles for Change’s perspective, the answer is: yes! Any donated car – no matter how old or how far beyond repair – contributes to the VFC program.When a donated vehicle doesn’t meet our safety or reliability standards, and can’t be improved cost-effectively, we send that car to auction.To prepare for auction, we spruce up the vehicle and select an auction partner where the selling price will be maximized. We also assign a minimum bid value to assure it isn’t sold for less than fair price. Once the car is auctioned off, all proceeds are used to prepare more cars for low-income families.
If you would like to donate your “junk” vehicle to VFC, you don’t even need to move it from the repair shop. Our contracted towing companies will work directly with your repair garage to schedule the best time for pick-up. In that case, just make sure: your title and keys are with the vehicle and all service bills with the repair shop have been settled.