Daunte’s Fresh Start

At age 22, Daunte Butler’s history included multiple charges that varied from burglary to thief. Most of these charges were incurred trying to survive after experiencing home difficulties during his childhood. Preparing for his release from incarceration in 2021, he decided to do better. He worked with case management to find a transitional and moved from Virginia to Maryland for a fresh start.

Daunte was referred through a partnering agency and enrolled in our eight-week entry-level training program. Our training program’s lead instructor Wayne Farrah saw that Daunte is a fast learner and excellent problem-solver. So, Daunte enrolled in our advanced training program.

In less than four months, Daunte earned eight automotive service excellence certifications and his driver’s licenses. At the four-month mark, he got a job offer from a local dealership with a starting flat rate of $25.00.

He attributes his successful fresh start to his grandmother, his biggest supporter.