Former VFC Recipient Purchases Car From Freedom Wheels

When Deedri White’s Dodge Durango broke down during the muggy summer of 2010, she knew exactly where to turn to purchase a car: Freedom Wheels, a subsidiary of Vehicles For Change that sells used cars to the general public.

Back in 2007, White found herself without a vehicle or the funds to buy one. A coworker referred her to Vehicles For Change, where she learned she needed a sponsor. White reached out to Anne Arundel County’s Community Action Council, and shortly thereafter was awarded a beige 1994 Nissan Sentra by Vehicles For Change.

“From start to finish, I only went about two weeks without a car,” said White. “The whole process was easy. The Nissan was great.”

White drove the car for three years, before it was totaled in an accident in 2008. Her next car was a Durango, which broke down in 2010 while White was without a job. Relying on unemployment to cover her expenses and on neighbors to take her where she needed to go, White had to wait a year and a half before she had a job and the funds for another vehicle.

“As soon as I got my tax refund this year, I went to Freedom Wheels,” said White, who purchased a gold 2001 Honda Accord.

Like all cars sold by Freedom Wheels, 100% of the proceeds from White’s purchase went back to Vehicles For Change. The funds will be used to repair vehicles that will be awarded to low-income families.

“I would recommend Vehicles For Change and Freedom Wheels to anyone,” White said, “The Honda I have now – I took it for a three-hour drive to West Virginia, and it ran like it was new.”