Meet the Hero Behind the Wheel

Meet Happy Donor, a second-time Vehicles for Change donor. His story with Vehicles for Change began in 2012 when he generously donated his trusty ’92 Subaru Legacy station wagon. Despite its impressive 400K miles, this wagon was more than just a car; it was a vessel of endless stories and journeys.

Fast forward to this year, and our Happy Donor returned, this time with a 2004 Honda Civic. This wasn’t just any Civic; it had journeyed over 500K miles. Understanding the value of every mile and the impact of his donation, Happy Donor ensured the Civic was drivable and drove it to our office, saving us $200 in the process. This thoughtful gesture highlighted not just his generosity but his commitment to our cause.

Happy Donor’s connection to his cars runs deep. Maintaining them in his home garage, he poured not just oil and parts, but love and care into each vehicle. His donation is more than a means of transport; it’s a legacy of support and empowerment.

Through over 20 years of commutes and vacations, these vehicles have been part of life’s great canvas, and now, they continue their journey with Vehicles for Change. Thanks to Happy Donor, more individuals and families will embark on their paths to success.

Inspired by Happy Donor’s story? You can make a huge impact! If you have a car that’s been a part of your own epic adventures, consider donating it to Vehicles for Change. Your car could be the next hero in someone’s life story.

Ready to donate? Head over here to start your donation journey.

Thank you, Happy Donor, for your extraordinary contributions. Here’s to the roads we’ll travel together in the future and the many lives we’ll transform, one mile at a time.