How Angela Got a Car and Helped Her Family

Problem after problem plagued her, but Vehicles for Change provided the light at the end of the tunnel for Angela Henson and her family.After losing her job of six years in March 2013, Henson was forced to file for unemployment. However, unemployment was not enough for Henson to provide for herself and her two daughters. She walked out one morning to find that her car had been repossessed.

Henson found employment after nine months, but struggled to find proper transportation. She paid $6 each day to use a local taxi service. The service was late several times increasing the potential for Henson to lose her job.

Henson’s problems didn’t end once she found employment. Several weeks into working at her new job, Henson was found unconscious by a coworker. Due to a lack of oxygen to her brain, she passed out.

After having surgery due to complications, Henson’s feet swelled and she was unable to walk. This made it essential for Henson to have a car. It also made it much more difficult for her to stand long periods of time or to work a full day.

After finding out about Vehicles for Change through social services, Henson was skeptical to apply because of the detailed application process. However, just one month after turning in her application, Henson received the news that she was awarded a car.

She said, “I would recommend VFC to anyone struggling and in need of a car. There’s no shame in asking for help and don’t worry about your pride. VFC never judged me and really understood my problems.”

Henson knows that her life will change after receiving her car. She will finally be able to travel to work consistently. Henson will also be able to re-enroll her daughters into their dance classes.