How Tamika Got a Car of Her Own

Tamika Singh, a single mother with two children, received a 2002 Dodge Intrepid from VFC a few weeks ago. We asked Tamika to share with us her story:I’m  with a housing program called MBQ. That’s how I learned about VFC. I’am so thankful for MBQ and VFC’s help with my new car because life without a car is so hard.

I live in Cockeysville and work in Baltimore City. I have to take the bus to the light rail then get off and take another bus. Sometimes my first bus doesn’t even come or its late. I have to take a cab just to get to the light rail. When I get off from work at 11 pm sometimes I am on the light rail by myself. I’ve had a few bad experiences on the light rail. It makes me so nervous to even catch it, but I have no other choice.

To go grocery shopping I have to take the bus or walk, then take a cab home. On the days when I didn’t have extra money for a cab, I’ll take the bus or walk back home with my bags. I have two kids and my kids have never missed a day from school, because even if they miss the school bus, I’ll call a cab and we have to wait 20 min just for the cab to come. Having a car helps us to get to school on time, even if we miss the school bus.

Having this car will help me so much. I can get to work on time, be able to get more hours at work and also be able to take my kids to places I wasn’t able to take them before. My kids were so excited about us getting a car. Everyday they asked when we were getting our car.

The first day we drove in it they was so happy. My five-year-old son was telling everyone [they needed to] see our new car. Having my car turned my two hour [commute] to get to work into only 25-30 minutes. It’s so easy to take my kids to different places or just for a ride. We are so much happier. I thank Teresa & Jen for been so kind to me and everyone else for making this a wonderful experiences. I’m so grateful.