How This Mom Finally Got a Car for Her Family

Robin Reeves believes it is important to keep all of her children active. “I have to find something positive to keep them captivated and out of trouble.”

This is quite a feat for Robin, who has ten children, including 14-year-old football player Christian, 16-year-old Tenyia and 11-year-old Daiquoia, both of whom are liturgical dancers.

Practice, rehearsals, games and performances are often held in Baltimore City, which is quite a trek from Robin’s home in Montgomery County, where the nearest bus stop is over a mile away from their home. It takes Robin at least two and a half hours to travel 40 miles from Montgomery County to Baltimore.

Not having a car has impacted Robin’s family in many ways – her son Rico has frequent hospital visits due to sickle cell anemia. Robin often had trouble bringing him to the hospital or visiting him there.

Now, with the 1999 Mercury Sable she received from Vehicles for Change, Robin has gained self- sufficiency, can serve her Church community, and can support her children’s endeavors.

“Vehicles for Change is an organization designed to push people to their highest potential,” said Robin