How To Prepare You Car For A Summer Road Trip

Taking summer road trips is something that we all look forward to during the slow winter months. Although our first instinct is to jump in our cars and begin our trip, sometimes this decision may not benefit us as well as we may think. Before packing up and heading out to your destination, follow these important precautions to prepare your car for a successful summer road trip:Fluids- Start your inspection by checking the level of vital fluids within your vehicles. Some of the fluids you should look out for include, engine oil, transmission fluid and brake fluid. Most importantly check the level of coolant within your vehicle. Make sure your coolant level is filled so that there aren’t any surprises with your air conditioning while you’re sitting in that long line of traffic.

Brakes- When it comes to being safe, brakes are an important item that should be working properly. Check to hear if you have any unusual noises when you tap your brakes. Grinding noises, severe squeaking and unusual vibrations are three indications that your brakes may need service. Have your brakes checked before you travel to ensure they are working correctly.

Tires- Your tires get a lot of use, especially when you’re taking multiple road trips during the summer. Checking your tire pressure is paramount before you take a trip. Common areas you can find proper tire inflation values are door jams and your owner’s manual. Do not overinflate your tires or you could cause a blowout.

Following these three simple tips should ensure a safe and successful summer road trip. Take the time to inspect and ensure your car. It will benefit you and the lives of others. Enjoy!