“I Want To Be An Inspiration”

“I Want To Be An Inspiration”

In May 2011, Beth Wiggins-Chambers knew she needed to face the realization that her life had hit rock-bottom. She had spent the past twenty years abusing drugs – and stealing to support her habit – and her body was worn out. However, it wasn’t until her six-week old daughter, Lilyana, was taken away and placed in foster care that Wiggins-Chambers recognized her life needed a big change.”That was rock-bottom,” Wiggins-Chambers said, “I knew I needed to get my life together for my daughter.”

To start, Wiggins-Chambers realized she needed to move out of Cecil County, away from many temptations and bad influences. She relocated to Caroline County and began living at St. Martin’s House, a transitional residence for women and children. She went through rehab and began working for the Humane Society in Caroline County, a job she loves. In August 2012, nearly a year and a half after losing custody, she regained custody of Lilyana. They both currently live at St. Martin’s House, and Wiggins-Chambers is now studying to be an addictions counselor at Chesapeake College.

“It’s not easy,” Wiggins-Chambers said, “But I want to be an inspiration to other people who think it’s not possible to have a better life.”

When she first began living at St. Martin’s House, Wiggins-Chambers relied on the house’s transportation program to get to work, class and rehab meetings, which she attends several times a week. In the program, residents pay per mile for the transportation they need. In February, Wiggins-Chambers received a 2003 Mercury Sable from Vehicles for Change.

“This – a car of my own – is something that I thought I would never have,” said Wiggins-Chambers.

While she knows the car will open many doors for her, Wiggins-Chambers is most concerned with what the car can bring for her daughter. It’s evident that Lilyana is the center of her world – even Wiggins-Chambers’ email address is a variation of “Lilyana’s Mom.”

“I can take her places now,” said Wiggins-Chambers, “I can take her to Walmart and buy her things or go to McDonalds…maybe not to eat the food at McDonalds, because it’s bad for you, but so she can play!”