July: Parks and Recreation Month

Since 1985, America has dedicated July as national Parks and Recreation month. And what better way to celebrate than taking a day off and enjoying a few of Maryland’s 40 state parks! Whether your ideal day trip is taking the family our for a planned beach day at Sandy point or going on a spontaneous drive to explore the hiking trails of Cunningham Falls, there are adventures to be found and memories to be made. Whatever you choose . . . go explore, be active, and see what Maryland has to offer!

But nothing ruins a fun day in the sun like car troubles. So before you set out to take advantage of one of our beautiful park, you may want to consider a few things like: does your car need new oil, new tires, or a checkup? Even if your engine or oil light is not on, it’s a still a great idea to have your vehicle checked and serviced.

Master Mechanic, Wayne Farrar, is Full Circle Service Center’s lead automotive instructor. Farrar specifically recommends, “Before you leave to go on a long road trip, you should get all of your fluids checked.” Full Circle Service Center can help you with your maintenance and repair needs, with a free multi-point inspection and affordable pricing.Your vehicle will be in tip-top shape with no added stress. So, before you embark on your road-trip to one of Maryland’s beautifully scenic state parks, don’t forget to stop by Full Circle Service Center, where you will always receive service with a heart!