Malibu Puts Mom in Fast Lane to Financial Freedom

Renee Perkins is a single mom providing care to her three-year old son and aging mother. Renee works the night shift at a nursing home, while her son is enrolled in a Head Start program during the day.

Renee saved money to buy a much-needed used car for $3,000. Three days later the transmission went out presenting Renee with two unpleasant options: a huge repair bill or no car.

After emptying her savings on the car that was now junk, Renee turned to family and friends for rides to and from work. She gave everyone gas money for helping out but this reduced her ability to save money toward a vehicle of her own.

Determined to get back on track, Renee enrolled in Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency’s Financial Empowerment Center to receive financial coaching. It was there Renee learned of the agency’s new partnership with Vehicles for Change. She eagerly applied.

In July 2015, Vehicles for Change, in partnership with Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency, awarded Renee with a 2003 Chevy Malibu.

With reliable transportation, Renee can take better shift options and seek additional employment opportunities to improve her income. Renee is enjoying time with her son and her mother instead of long commutes on public transportation.