No More Costly Cabs

Kelli Jackson lives in Howard County, but works half an hour away at BWI airport as an emergency dispatcher. Everyday she takes an Uber to and from work, which usually costs around $40 one way. She has two daughters, ages 5 and 8, who are looked after by her grandparents while she is at work. In addition to Ubering to work, Kelli also has to Uber to her grandparent’s house everyday to pick up her kids.
Because of Kelli’s schedule, she has to take her kids out of school two hours early everyday except Tuesdays, Fridays and every other weekend. Her oldest daughter is greatly impacted, and has to miss her favorite subject, math. She is able to take the work home with her, but it can be a struggle.

Not having reliable transportation has impacted how Kelli runs her errands. When they get groceries, they walk to the market but have to Uber home with the bags. Sometimes if the day is busy, the Uber fare can double.

Having a car will take a huge weight off Kelli’s shoulders. She will be able to put her children in dance classes again, which she was not able to do before without reliable transportation. Her youngest daughter will also start gymnastics. She has not thought of a name for the car yet, and will let her kids name it. Kelli finds it hard to believe she was slipping on the ice with her children walking to the bus, and now she is going to surprise them with a new car.