Opening Doors of Opportunity

Car donations made a difference in the lives of three hardworking mothers. Equilla, Serenity and Mary will no longer need to rely on others for transportation. With a set of keys in their hands, they are now able to provide their families with more.“The most challenging part of being without a car was not being able to do necessary things for myself,” said Equilla. Now that Equilla has her own 2000 Mercury Sable, her 15 mile commute to work will be stress-free and she will be able to grocery shop with ease.

Before receiving a vehicle, it was difficult for Mary to transport her children to a baby sitter and after school care. “Now that I have a van, I will no longer need to walk everywhere with my four children,” said Mary.

Serenity is thankful for her 2000 Ford Focus because of the goals she can now achieve. “I will be able to continue going to school, advance my career and take my daughter to dance class,” said Serenity.

Vehicles for Change has empowered these mothers and their families both personally and professionally.