Soon-to-be Dental Assistant

Kiara’s normal commute is very time-consuming. She walks her 7-year-old to school and then has to turn around and walk her 2-year-old to day care. Once she gets back home from her walk she has to wait for a Lyft or a family member to pick her up and drive her to her job at Costco. This routine takes 1 hour and 50 minutes and eats away at the precious time she has with her kids. Kiara’s insurance provides transportation to doctors appointments, but not in emergency situations. When her son got sick last month she was unable to get him the care he needed right away.

She is overjoyed to own a car. Kiara is currently in school for dental assisting and with her car, she will be able to complete the required internship she needs to graduate in the spring. Her 7-year-old son signed up for football, his first sports team ever, and with the families new car, he will be able to make his first upcoming game.