The Road to Recovery

For years Jessica struggled with alcohol addiction which left her homeless and straining to provide for her nine-year-old son who lives full-time in a mental treatment facility. When Jessica learned she was pregnant again, she knew things had to change. Luckily, Jessica was able to move in with a friend who also helped her get a job as a medical technician.

After working only 3 months, Jessica had 10 clients on her caseload. Jessica’s boss noticed her hard work and not only gave her a raise but allowed her to move into an apartment on the facility’s campus. Once Jessica had her baby, her boss knew Jessica would need even more support and allowed Jessica to move in with her.

Although Jessica was so grateful for the help, her boss had health problems as well as a child with disabilities of her own, so Jessica knew the situation would not be sustainable for long. Without bus routes near the home, Jessica paid friends $50-$60 per week for rides to avoid overburdening her boss. Even so, it was extremely difficult for Jessica to keep up with regular doctor’s visits for her new baby girl as well as her own therapy sessions and nightly AA meetings.

Now, with VFC, Jessica’s road to recovery is even smoother. At 11 months sober, Jessica is looking forward to moving into her own place closer to her mother’s home. In addition, with her own vehicle, Jessica is overjoyed to be able to consistently visit her son who lives three hours away.

When asked how owning her own car will change her life, Jessica answered, “It will alleviate so much pressure.” Jessica will now be able to pick up more shifts at work, send money to her mom, and visit her son more frequently. Before gaining the keys to her Honda Accord, Jessica explained, “It’s been blessing after blessing. I’m now a certified medtech with a great family and now there’s this great opportunity with this car. It’s a dream come true.”