The Road to Time Together

Towanda is a traveling merchandiser whose commute to work is four hours one way. Due to the fact that she does not have her own vehicle, Towanda regularly rents cars to help her get to work which is a huge cost burden on her and her family. “It’s almost as if I’m working just to pay for my rental car,” she says.

Because her job requires such far travel, Towanda leaves a day in advance to ensure she gets to work on time. This means Towanda must leave her two young daughters (9 and 10-years-old) with their grandmother while she is away at work.

While her work schedule will not change, with her newly-awarded Rav-4, Towanda will finally be able to save her hard-earned money. She is also looking forward to getting her girls involved with after-school activities and traveling on the weekends. “Due to the high cost of the rental car, I would never keep it on the weekends, so we were generally forced to stay at home. Now we can do more outings together as a family.”

Towanda would like her VFC car donor to know that she sincerely appreciates that they donated their vehicle. “You could have taken your car and sold it. You basically just gave it away thinking of someone else and I truly appreciate that because that person is me! This is going to help so much.”

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