VFC Honored for Outstanding Tagline

Vehicles for Change is thrilled to announce that “Help Drive Change,” the tagline for our social media campaign, was voted best advocacy tagline by over 3,300 voters (nonprofit professionals and others) as part of the 2012 Getting Attention Tagline Awards.

It was lauded for being a satisfying and motivational play on words while exemplifying the organization’s mission.

The 18 winners were selected from 63 finalists drawn from 1,400 nonprofit taglines submitted for the 2012 program.

“The winning taglines in the 2012 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards showcase how powerfully taglines can work as a first step in organization or program branding, or as a highly-effective tool to lead a fundraising campaign, develop excitement around a special event, freshen up a nonprofit’s messaging, emphasize its commitment to its work and/or revive tired positioning,” says Nancy Schwartz, blogger at and president of Nancy Schwartz & Company.

Schwartz added: “This clever tagline is a satisfying and motivational play on words. That’s a tough balance to find, and this tagline does it well, painting a crystal-clear call to action.”