VFC Recipient is a true provider!

A single mother of four, LaToyia Newman-Gross struggled to provide for her children without a vehicle. Of her four children, two have medical concerns and always have numerous appointments. Without a car, Newman relied on cabs or rides from other people. This resulted in spending a lot of money on transportation and babysitters because all of the children could not go at the same time. Newman had to “pick and choose” which kids would come along on different outings.

“You feel inadequate as a mom. You can’t provide for your kids.”

On April 1st, Newman’s life became significantly easier when she was awarded a 2002 Mazda MPV at Vehicles for Change’s 15 year anniversary luncheon on April 1st. She no longer feels insufficient as a parent.

“Full of appointments!” This was Newman’s response when asked how she spent her first month as a vehicle owner. She caught up on a lot of doctor’s appointments for her children. A trip to the doctor prior to her car took between 3 and 4 hours, but has been reduced to 45 minutes. Newman is also using their car to spend more quality time together as a family. The first weekend after receiving the car, the entire family went to the petting zoo.Newman explains, “It was nice to have all 4 of them together. It was a really really good day”.

“They (VFC) gave me something that no one else could give me: the ability to feel like a provider for my kids.” Newman is excited about her car and is looking forward to taking her kids to the zoo! Congrats LaToyia.