Why Will A Car Improve Your Life?

How will a car allow you to become/remain self-sufficient and improve your life?

In 2009 I was pregnant with a son who was diagnosed in utero with an arachnoid cyst in his brain which backed up the flow of cerebral spinal fluid in his brain causing hydrocephalus. Two months later during a routine ultrasound another problem was found and my son was later diagnosed at birth as having a frontalnasalencephalocele which in short means my newborn baby’s frontal lobe was sitting outside his skull directly between his eyes and he also had a tumor in a separate sac beside the brain.

When my son Josiah was 4 days of age the surgery to remove the cyst in his brain was performed and 1 week later we were released from the hospital and the subsequent surgeries and doctor appointments continued for the next 3 years. Due to the severity of his case, I had no downtime to heal from the delivery but immediately began to research his condition to make sure he received the best care possible. At 6 months of age, his second surgery, a craniotomy with plastic surgery was performed to repair the defect of the skull and to remove non-functioning portion of the frontal lobe that was seated outside of my son’s skull. From the period of November 22, 2009 until May 1, 2012 there has been 5 surgeries including 2 brain surgeries, 3 plastic surgeries and countless visits to various specialists, pediatrician and in-home visits all to assure Josiah’s recovery.

These past few years have been very taxing on me both mentally and physically as well as financially. In 2010 my relationship became toxic and I was forced to leave it 1 week prior to my son’s 2nd surgery. The decision to leave was very difficult but I knew that after the surgery I could not bring my son back into a volatile situation as it would interfere with his healing process. So from May 2010 to November 2012, I was homeless with my two sons, sleeping from place to place but believing it was for the best.

I’ve shared all of this information with you to let you know that although many times I felt like I would break having to see my son go through so much, I knew it wouldn’t last forever. I’m resilient and cannot be defeated, no matter how difficult the situation may look. Because of my son’s situation, I’d been unable to work and for the past few years I have home-schooled my son and have nursed him back to perfect health. However, during this I have taken steps to become certified as a Multi-Skilled Medical Technician and as of December 2012, I am certified as a CAN/GNA, Phlebotomist and EKG Technician.

After my son was released by his neurosurgeon, I began seeking employment and on August 14th, 2013 I was hired by St. Agnes Hospital as an Outpatient Phlebotomist which is my 1st job  in my new career field (I am also pursuing my degree in nursing). On September 3rd I attended my orientation for work and September 4th was my son’s first day of Headstart.

Everything is coming together which is why I am in need of a vehicle at this time. I have sacrificed a lot to get my son to where he is today, which is a healthy and happy child who has defied the odds. This period of time has been very humbling as I have had to go without a lot of things that I wanted but by the grace of God I had everything that I needed for the season I was in. However, this is a new season and I need a vehicle to keep up with the momentum as the position that I currently have as a phlebotomist is contingent on me having a personal vehicle as it requires me to move from one location to another. In all actuality, I have been paying for a rental car to get me to and from work the past week and the cost of the rental is depleting my finances. I will be very grateful if you would consider me for the opportunity to get my life back on track by securing me a vehicle through your organization.

Thank you in advance,

Ms. Ayanna Leonard