Why You Should Donate Your Car to the Poor

There are several options for getting rid of an old car – giving it to a friend, selling it, or repurposing it are all viable choices. But another option is to donate it. There are some obvious blessings for the recipient of a donation; but there are also benefits for the donor. Below are a few of the reasons to donate your car.

  • Avoid a hassle. When people make a decision to buy a new car, they usually want to be rid of their old one as soon as possible. Selling it or repurposing it takes time, and giving it to a friend has the potential to create strife in your relationship with that friend and others who might be jealous. Donate your car to charity for the sake of simplicity, or simply to get it out of your driveway quickly.
  • Help a child. When you donate your car to specific  charitable organizations that assist families, it can be purchased at a low price for a family in need of an independent means of transportation. Having a car means a child is not limited to the school bus for his or her travel, and he or she can participate in after school activities and still have a ride home. A car offers mobility and the freedom to take trips to places a child has never seen before, like the beach or the mountains. Donate your car to help a child fully experience and participate in this world.
  • Enable families in need Having a car is common in the U.S., and a family that cannot afford a car is limited both economically and personally. . A car donation enables donors to help others in the same way they were helped by providing transportation to those in need.
  • Save money on taxes. When you donate your car, you can get a tax break based on the value of your car and how the charity used it. The tax break may not be as much as you would have gotten for selling the car, but if you value the time and energy you saved from not going through the selling process, donating is worth the reward.
  • Support charity. Car donation charities do good work in their communities, and you can help a charity to continue their work with your car donation. Charities usually rely on support from community members and donors and would not exist to do their work without help from people like you. By donating your car, you are contributing to a greater good than simply providing one car for one family; you are helping a charity help others as well.

To learn more about how you can make a difference or to donate your car today, research the charities near you, and contact Vehicles for Change.