Yazmyne Names the Family Car

Patrina Ravenell walks 90 minutes to take her five-year-old and two-year-old daughters to day care and get to work every morning. “I’ve walked in all sorts of weather and I can’t carry them both,” she says about her daily commute. With a car, Patrina’s trip would only be 10 minutes.
She’s never had a problem getting to work on time, but driving allows Patrina to be more energized and focused on the job. She describes the situation as stressful and is glad to know that she’ll have more security for her children.

Patrina’s favorite color is pink and her bubbly personality reflects that choice. She looks forward to taking lots of family trips and even hopes to plan a trip to South Carolina.

“My daughter Yazmyne says we should name the car Rosetta. Rosie for short.”

Thanks to Mazda’s Drive for good, we’re that much closer to getting 100 families into 100 cars!