A Bright and Promising Future

Maurice Gaines’ normal commute to work takes more than an hour. He has to take the subway followed by the bus every morning and afternoon. This commute would only be 15 minutes with a car. He is currently enrolled in a carpentry trade school that strictly enforces their no late policy. During the days where buses are crowded, they do not let any more people ride the bus. When this happens, Maurice has to pay to get a ride to get to class so that he makes it on time.
With his new car, Maurice will be able to spend more time with his 12-year-old son. His lack of transportation affects how often he sees him now. Since Maurice’s son does not live with him, it is hard to get over to him often.

It is Maurice’s first time owning a car, and he will have a promising future because of it. He wants to take his son to Dave and Busters, the Science Center and the Inner Harbor. Maurice also wants to get a new TV but was nervous before about taking it on the bus. He is also going to get another part time job with the extra time he will have.