A Car Donation Simplifies Life for Young Mother

Life without personal transportation was challenging for Takia Dixon Lovings, a mother of four. Now that she owns a 1998 Legacy Outback Wagon, she has the freedom to accomplish her daily tasks.

A car donation has made it possible for Lovings to provide her children with a more consistent lifestyle. “A car will help me to transport my children to necessary places quickly and comfortably.”

Lovings endured an hour long commute to work before receiving her own set of keys. “The most difficult part of not having a car was catching the bus very early in the morning and not getting home to my children until late at night.” Now that Lovings has a car of her own, she will be able to find a higher paying job and commute to the doctor, grocery store and school quickly and without the stress of relying on others.

“This program is a blessing to me and other families.” A car donation from Vehicles for Change has left a positive impact in Lovings life.