A Day in the Life at VFC

Clinton Adams, a junior at Patterson High School, joined two other students in shadowing VFC staff members for the day, to learn about business. Here, Clinton talks about his experience: “My experience with VFC is one that I would recommend to anyone else interested in taking a look at what business does and how it is run. I learned that in order to get new ideas or other things to help out your business, you go to events and other special occasions to meet with other business people.I also learned that, every so often, a business should have a staff meeting to have a conversation about where they stand as a business, and if there are any concerns they may have. VFC has also showed me that if you are going to work somewhere, you should try to make it a place where it doesn’t feel like work. Something that you are passionate about, like how they give cars to people in need at a price that will allow them to be able to provide for their families.”- Clinton Adams