After Auto Donation: Where Does A Car Go?

Auto donation to Vehicles for Change sets in motion the process that moves unwanted and unneeded automobiles from the garage to a family in need.Donors across the United States use charities to get rid of their unwanted vehicles, not knowing how their vehicle will be used or what happens in between donating the vehicle and a family receiving the vehicle.At Vehicles for Change, there are several ways a donated vehicle can be used.

First, the car is inspected

Immediately after donation, the donated vehicle is inspected to determine the mechanical condition of the car. Donated vehicles that are awarded to low-income families must meet Vehicles for Change’s strict reliability standards.

Depending on the car’s type and condition, donated cars may also be sold to the public through Freedom Wheels, VFC’s used car lot.

Awarded to a Family

We especially love to see your donated car go to a family in need. Vehicles for Change expects that, as a minimum, awarded vehicles will provide at least two years or 24,000 miles of service. Typically, cars that are awarded to families are have less than 150,000 original miles.

Luxury Cars

Vehicles for Change accepts luxury car donations, but does not provide them to low-income families. Repairing and maintaining luxury cars is expensive and would be a cost burden on families unable to afford routine car care.

Luxury auto donations made to Vehicles for Change are sold to the public through VFC’s used car lot, Freedom Wheels, and the proceeds are used to repair prepare other vehicles for low-income families.

Cannot Be Repaired

Not every vehicle is cost effective to repair. If an auto donation does not meet the safety or reliability standards set by Vehicles for Change, then the car is selected for auction.

Partnered with multiple auctioneers, the charity looks for the partner that would get the maximum bid out of the car’s remaining value. Vehicles for Change sets a minimum bid, and all proceeds are used for fixing reliable cars for low-income families.


Every auto donation is meaningful. If Vehicles for Change cannot repair a vehicle, it does what it can to maximize the sale of donated vehicles. Funds and proceeds go toward preparing other cars for qualified low-income families.

The goal of the charity is to provide quality running vehicles, but not every vehicle can be given away. Thankfully, the sale of large repairs, luxury, and total loss vehicles helps Vehicles for Change further its goal of fixing up other cars for low-income families in need.

In fact, a third of VFC’s operating costs are covered by the sale of vehicles.

Other Vehicles

Vehicles for Change also accepts motorcycles, boats, and RVs. Like other vehicles it cannot give to low-income families, they are selected for auction. The charity chooses the best auction partner where each sale or bid will maximize vehicle value. All funds sold by other vehicles goes toward the repair of cars meant for low-income families.

For more information, please contact us. Our ambition is to help you help others.