Benefits of Year-End Charitable Donations

volunteer holding packed donation box

Make a Difference

It’s been another long, difficult year in the United States with the COVID-19 pandemic still impacting daily life. Many in your local community are still unemployed or struggling to provide for their families. Although not everyone is in a position to donate this year, Forbes shares that many families are still feeling inspired to give back and are looking for ways to donate. Charitable donations tend to increase toward the end of the year because the holidays inspire families to give back to those in need. It’s also the last opportunity to donate within the tax year.

There are many ways for your family to give back to your local community. You can start today by:

  1. Shopping local.
  2. Choosing a nonprofit to volunteer your time with.
  3. Making a monetary donation to a nonprofit organization of your choice.
  4. Donating unneeded items to shelters, schools, and centers that organize relief efforts.

Benefits of Giving

Help those in need.

Your donation has a tremendous impact on families throughout the Baltimore area. You give individuals like Vehicles for Change (VFC) car recipient, Nakia Young, and her family, a fresh start and a chance for new opportunities. Ms. Young was taking multiple modes of transportation to her job as a bus driver. Through the donated vehicle she was awarded, she was able to safely travel to and from work. Last year, we had 1,583 cars come in and awarded 76 cars, impacting the lives of 190 people.

Impact your community.

However, you don’t just impact a single family like Nakia and her children. When you donate to VFC, you’re directly impacting your entire community. The donated car Nakia received allowed her to travel to work, thus allowing dozens of children to be transported safely to and from school with Ms. Young’s smiling face to greet them each morning and afternoon. The impact doesn’t stop there though. Your donation not only allows but inspires people like Nakia to give back too. Listen to Nakia share her story as first a VFC car recipient and then a VFC car donor.

Improve your well-being.

Did you know that giving back actually improves your health? Giving can foster new relationships, reduce stress levels, and reduce your blood pressure. The University of Oregon even found that voluntary donations improve your happiness. USA Today shares that charitable giving is crucial to your success and happiness. Hear from business executives and community leaders like ​​Ebony Beckwith, Chief Philanthropy Officer at Salesforce, on how her charitable contributions have improved her well-being.

Inspire others. Double your impact.

You may even be able to double your impact by inspiring others, including your children, or seeking a matching gift from your employer. Children may grow up to be more generous themselves after seeing their parents contribute to their community. Check with your employer to see if they offer matching gifts for volunteer hours or donations. Charitable matching programs help increase employee morale and make your personal contribution go further.

Receive a tax donation.

One of the most transactional benefits of donating your used car is the tax benefits you’re eligible to receive. You can reduce your tax burden when you donate to a qualified organization like Vehicles for Change. Our team makes the process easy by providing you with tax receipts and a 1098CS form.

Deciding How to Donate

So now you know the benefits of donating, though we’re sure you can come up with other benefits too! BuzzFeed recommends supporting businesses that give back as part of their “14 Ways To Give Back That Don’t Require A Ton Of Time Or Money.” If you’re looking to partner with us in supporting your local community, consider giving back with the following:

Amazon Smile: Use AmazonSmile and select Vehicles for Change as your charity of choice. Select the organization that says “Location: Halethorpe, MD | Year Founded: 1999.”

Full Circle Service Center: You can visit our Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified shop, Full Circle Service Center, the next time your car needs a tune up. Your car will get the service it needs, and the proceeds of the repair will help fund Vehicles for Change programs and operations so that we can continue helping more families in need.

Donate Your Car: Becoming part of the Vehicles for Change donor family is easy. It starts with a simple donation form. You’re able to complete this one of three ways: Online, printed and mailed, faxed or emailed or, by calling us at 855-820-7990 and complete the form over the phone.

Tell A Friend: Don’t forget, you can also encourage friends and family members looking to sell their used car to donate their vehicle instead.

Contact Us Today

Looking for ways to impact your community this year? We’d be honored to be a small part of your charitable donation this year. When you take the initiative to donate your used car to Vehicles for Change, we handle the rest. It’s as simple as three easy steps:

  1. Complete the donation form.
  2. Schedule a pick-up and…
  3. Hand over the keys!