From Car Recipient to Car Donor

Ms. Nakia Young moved to Reisterstown, Maryland, in 2016, where she began working as a school bus driver. Before receiving an awarded vehicle, she had to take a bus, ride a train, and go on a long walk to work each day. Well, that all changed on December 29, 2016, when she was awarded a beautiful Honda Odyssey. 
Ms. Young has now made the jump from vehicle recipient to vehicle donor! Just last month, she made the noble decision to donate a car back to Vehicles for Change, the exact vehicle she received four years ago! We want to say thank you to Ms. Young; for her donation and for staying involved with our program. Her beloved Honda, affectionately named “Goldie,” will be put to good use. 
You can empower a family like Ms. Youngs by donating your unused or unwanted car to Vehicles for Change. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, and it’s 100% free from request to towing! Click here to donate a vehicle to a charity offering opportunity, be the change for a family like Ms. Young’s. You can hear Ms. Young’s story on our YouTube channel; just click here.