CAC Trainee Steve Fowler is Thankful for his Time at Detailing Academy

Sunday, July 20, 2014 11:51 PM

In 2010, reality showed up on Steve Fowler’s doorstep and ran its course with full force.

Fowler had been living with his mom until Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease took her life and suddenly left Fowler with no home.

Fowler spent the next few months jumping from job to job but was struggling with stability.

“I found myself living on the streets and nowhere to go,” said Fowler, “It was definitely a reality check.”

Fowler was able to get in touch with Paul’s Place, located in Baltimore, which directed him to Christopher’s Place.

“I talked to them, got an interview, got into the program and everything else kind of just happened,” said Fowler.

Fowler’s time at Christopher’s Place has helped him learn from his mistakes and move on from negative situations. It has allowed him to rise above and learn the sole principle of humility. It has also opened up opportunities of service and giving back. While at Christopher’s Place, Fowler has volunteered at Our Daily Bread feeding the homeless.

“Since I became part of Christopher’s Place, I have obtained compassion and understanding for people around me,” said Fowler.

On June 21, Fowler capstoned from the program at Christopher’s Place and was given 90 days to find a job. Although this seems like a long time, the pressure was certainly on.

Fowler interviewed with Phil Holmes, Director of the Center for Automotive Careers and life fell right into place; he describes his experience at CAC as eye opening and intriguing. He offers his gratitude towards God and feels great knowing he has been able to achieve something.

“I am thankful because I can look at a vehicle now and pinpoint what work needs to be done,” said Fowler, “That is a great skill to have.”

Fowler believes that his ability to truly listen to people and show heartfelt compassion towards others has paid off for him.

His time at VFC has also left great impressions on Fowler, a feeling of stability and acceptance is always present.

“VFC and Catholic Charities of Baltimore all have a family-oriented feel,” said Fowler, “Everyone here has a story and everyone accepts each other without passing judgment.”

Fowler has helpful advice for the future cohorts of the Academy for Automotive Careers.

“Pay attention, don’t be afraid to ask questions,” said Fowler, “Write things down and use your abilities and achievements, it will all be worth