Diamond Detail provides jobs for CAC graduates

Vehicles for Change and the Center for Automotive Careers (CAC) work hard to give people a second chance. The CAC students spend 4 weeks learning to detail cars and spend another 4 weeks in a paid apprenticeship program detailing cars for VFC under the supervision of the detailer instructor. The goal at the end of the 8 weeks is to place the graduates in jobs.

Our community partners play a large part in helping place CAC graduates into jobs in the detailing business.  One of these partners is Diamond Detail in Cockeysville, Maryland. Kevin Gorsuch is the Vice President of Human Resources at Diamond Detail and he explains why he has hired a few graduates.  Gorsuch states, “The training that they get here (CAC) is similar to how we train our people”. At Diamond Detail, the employees are not required to have any experience in detailing. The company hires them and then they receive training.

Therefore, the graduates from the CAC are already ahead of the game! Gorsuch explains, “They have a step up on people who don’t have any training and have never been in detailing”.

Gorsuch knows that working at Diamond Detail has been a transition for CAC graduates: “They go from not being employed for a while to structured employment, where there are rules that they have to live by that they probably didn’t live by before. It’s an adjustment but they are doing pretty well”
We are excited to hear that our graduates are taking advantage of their second chances!
Thank you to Kevin Gorsuch and Diamond Detail for their support and help in job placement! Visit Diamond Detail today!