CAC Trainees Graduate and Gain Self-Confidence

Tyrond Manning, Chad Zemanski, Mark Countee, and Delvin Pringle will be graduating from VFC’s Center for Automotive Careers (CAC) program Monday, Sept. 8th.CAC offers to train unemployed and underemployed individuals automotive services, concentrating on detailing. After two weeks of learning all about detailing cars and training on cars that will be sold or awarded, these men are ready to dedicate themselves to a job.

Most of them have car experience but as Mark expressed, “You learn new concepts, a new way to do things.” They all hope to get a job with a car dealership.

Delvin hopes to own his own detailing business in the future, once he has attained more experience. Mark, a chef, plans on continuing working with cars based off what he has learned from this program. He said he enjoys this work. “I’ve always liked hospitality,” he said.

Chad, Vehicles for Change’s first trainee to proceed with the program straight from foster care, expressed interest in going to school and getting a degree in History after working at a dealership.

CAC aims to provide trainees with skills they can apply to jobs beyond the program. This includes not only car skills, but also interpersonal skills and self-confidence.

When asked what the program has taught them about themselves, Delvin stated, “I can do anything if I put my mind to it.”

Chad expressed how he used to quit projects in the past but now stated, “I learned I can do it if I push myself and keep going.”

Congratulations to these men for finishing the program!