“No One Is Alone In This World”: Donor Story

Heidi-rose Creuziger donated her 2000 Buick to Vehicles for Change in April 2014. A trusted friend recommended VFC and Ms. Creuziger was impressed by VFC’s goal and mission:

“I was most impressed with VFC’s goal of helping families and providing work training to people getting out of prison,” Ms. Creuziger said.“The experience was smooth and easy,” she added, “I was impressed with how easy it was to fill out the donation form online.  When the tow truck driver arrived he was polite and handled it with care. There was road work going on in front of my house when he came to get the car and he maneuvered that well! The best part was getting a letter saying my car was being given to a family!”

Ms. Creuziger admits being reluctant to donate her car, one full of cherished memories. “The first memory that comes to mind is when we brought my first child home from being born. I remember my husband getting her car seat installed and then me sitting in back with her while we drove her home. I remember when we put a new car seat in for our second daughter.  We’d sometime help friends out with their daughter and I’d drive around with THREE car seats in the back!

Many people were shocked that I could do that in something that wasn’t a mini-van or SUV. I would go out with friends in it who told me it was ‘an old person’s car’. So we nicknamed it the Granny-mobile. She may have been a Granny, but that car could haul quite a bit in her trunk and a lot of people!”

“I hope that the people who got my car find happiness and success in life. I hope that they can find the footing and freedom to thrive and improve their situation. We all deserve a chance to be the best we can be, but sometimes we aren’t given the tools we need. I hope my Granny-mobile can give someone the tools they need.

If they have children, I hope they feel safe in the car and are able to do more and see more because of it. Likewise, I hope that the people who fixed it up and cleaned it up for the new family were able to learn new skills and find confidence to find a job and help their own family too.”

The best part about donating to a company like Vehicles for Change is helping others and being given an opportunity to make a change. Ms. Creuziger concluded, “I hope everyone who has worked on the car and who gets the car sees that people do care and do want to help them out! I wish they would find some way, no matter how small, to pass it on and to help others too. No one is alone in this world, we all have the responsibility to look out for each other.”