Car Alleviates Asthma Stress

Erica Jordan is a hardworking and motivated mother of a 7-year-old son. Because of her son’s asthma, which can worsen due to the stress of heavy and long traveling, he is away at a boarding school for the time being.

With a car, Erica will finally have reliable transportation, and will be able to visit her son more frequently.

On an average commute, getting to work takes Erica about two hours on public transportation. With a car, the commute averages to about 30 minutes.

“A car will help me tremendously. My mom and brother always tell me I need to get a car because I work at night and they’re worried, and now I’ll finally have one,” she says. Erica has just shared the happy news with her son, and he is incredibly excited. With her new car, Erica plans to drive her son to New York for his birthday.

Thanks to John Kennedy Mazda- Conshohoken we are one car closer to 100!